ZAMST Elbow Band

Reduce the strain on the elbow with pad compression

For problems with the elbow during playing golf and tennis.

Product Description

Reduce the strain on the elbow

The strap and elbow pad compression reduce the strain on the elbow. You may use the product for both inner and outer side of the elbow by adjusting the position to place the pad.

Comfortable fit with anti-slip design

Applied with thin material of excellent sweat absorption and quick drying. Enable the heat escape on the main body where the skin touches directly. The loop connected with rubber provides an individualized fit to the shape of the arm and precise fit to contraction during sports.

Easy application and adjustment

Easy to adjust the position by simply passing the hand through main body. It is also easy to adjust compression level, and apply and remove the product with one hand by simply fastening hook and loop fastener.

Tips on how to apply the Elbow Band

Place the elbow pad 4 to 5 cm below (closer to the wrist) the area where you feel pain.

Size Chart

With your arm relaxed, measure the circumference of the forearm at its widest part (indicated by arrow). If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one.




The circumference of the forearm for JP/Asia model


20.0 - 26.0 cm

26.0 - 31.0 cm

The circumference of the forearm for US/EU model

20 - 26 cm
( 7.75 - 10.25 inches )

26 - 31 cm
( 10.25 - 12.25 inches )

31 - 36 cm
( 12.25 - 14.25 inches )

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Instruction for use

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