Zamst reinforces and protects athletes by providing premium technical products derived from innovative materials, designs and manufacturing processes.

Zamst. Changing limits into potential.


That excitement and sense of freedom that only athletes who dare to reach beyond their limits can experience. The only way to wrench open the door to victory is with an aggressive determination. That is why you should never underestimate your own potential. Strike forward with a belief in your own power and explosive force. We know that unlimited potential awaits if you passionately continue to push beyond the barriers in front of you. Bring even more power to your endless challenge.

Zamst will help you sustain that challenge if you challenge yourself to the limit.


Born From the Medical field Zamst’s roots have always been medical.
Zamst is a brand of braces, supports and care products for athletes, created in 1993 by NIPPON Sigmax Co., Ltd., a medical device manufacturer who has been developing and manufacturing products for the orthopedics field for 45 years. Our mission has always been to offer products and services that will help prevent injuries and improve athletic performance by incorporating the knowledge and advice of sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers and other professionals, as well as listening to athletes themselves. Quality and functionality are the reasons many top athletes, both professional and amateur, use our products.

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Product Development

We always strive to catch up the latest study results from all over the world and utilize the knowledge for our product ideas. Comments and opinions from sports physicians and athletic trainers give us useful hints to our product development.

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Material Selection and Testing

We carry out thorough material testing to seek material characteristics that can fulfill required function. In addition, we have various kinds of in-house quality evaluation equipment.

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Product Function Test

We verify the functions to see how our products affect the movement of human body with various kinds of functional test equipment. We are exploring the products that can truly provide maximum effect.

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We have skills and technology to precisely measure the human bodies and utilize the product designs. We conduct product design thoroughly dedicated to the skills and technology in order to realize proper fit to three-dimensional body.

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Field Evaluation

We carry out field evaluation on usability, fitting and durability with sports players.

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