Prologue of ZAMST – Our history began with launch of medical ankle support. How ZAMST began. It began with the development and launch of the ankle support for medical purposes. Foreign-made lace-up braces used to be the mainstream for sport injury treatment of the time. We developed a support with a completely new concept by integrating guards made of resin. Top volleyball team fully applied our products for injury prevention.


“Can we utilize a new concept ankle support for injury prevention?”

history 1991 image

An opportunity that medical product converted to sport product arose from an idea of a team doctor of the top volleyball team of the time. Thanks to his bold decision, all the players decided to use our products for injury prevention. Meanwhile, we started researching, evaluating and developing products with in full-scale high durability and strength strenuous movement.


Rising attention to our products by success of the players.

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We received a large number of inquiries about our products as the top volleyball team made big strides in international competitions. We decided to enter “sports market” where we had not had any sales experience nor distribution channel.

The birth of ZAMST – Launch of the brand to support and protect athletes.

We launched a brand for athletes who always struggle along with injury risk based on our knowledge, technology and achievement fostered in the medical field.


The beginning of ZAMST as “ATHLETE SAVER”.

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Focused on public awareness activities for top athletes and students of the club teams.

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We carried out public awareness activities of injury prevention for students of the club teams while we carried out support activities for top athletes who struggle at injury risk in strenuous competition. With continuous activities, we have achieved trust from both athletes and coaches as a brand from the medical field as well as importance of injury prevention.


Full-model change of “ZAMST A2”, a flagship product.

history 1995 image

In 1995, we fully remodeled “ZAMST A2”, our flagship product for the ankle. It has been remodeled for four times up to now and highly recognized by famous top athletes.

Improvement and innovation: Full-model changes of the main body parts to meet market needs and fulfillment of the lineup

We carried out product improvements and specification changes by listening to the voices of sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers and athletes. We launched more products for other body parts such as elbow, wrist and shoulder to broaden our lineup.

1996 - 2000

New series launched with product improvement.

history 1996 - 2000 image

Fully remodeled the knee supports (KW series) in 1996 and the lower back supports (ZW series) in 2000. We aimed to improve functions by applying three-dimensional design and new materials.


Ankle support “A2”. Launched the 4th generation of “A2”. White color was officially available.

history 2001 image

The 4th generation of “A2”, a flagship product of ZAMST was launched. White color became a hot topic due to its rarity. Broadened target sports by launching the products for elbow and wrist.


Broadened target sports by launching the products for elbow and wrist.

history 2002 image

ZAMST users playing racket sports such as tennis and badminton were increased after launching the products for the elbow and wrist.

Further innovation – From supports to broader categories.

Our lineup and services have been broadened from “supports” to “functional apparels”, “care and support” to “conditioning and performance”. We enhanced product promotions not only the conventional users but also the users who enjoy sports in daily life such as runners.


Launch of conditioning products

history 2007 image

We broadened our lineup by adding functional apparels dedicated to improvement of condition and suppression of impared performance, on our conventional support lineup dedicated for post-injury support and injury prevention. We were able to gain new customers.


Development and launch the products for children.

history 2008 image

As we wished growing children to play the sports safely and tremendously, we developed the products designed specifically for children and launched as ZAMST Jr. series with five products: wrist, knee, ankle and two types of icing products.

NEXT STAGE: The 2nd generation of brand logo and brand message.

We renewed our brand message to make it more familiar to more customers other than top athletes. We strived to enter new territories by launching the first-ever functional apparel in ZAMST history.


Renewed our brand logo and message.

history 2009 image

We renewed the brand logo as the 2nd generation design. Changed the brand slogan from “ATHLETE SAVE” to “スポーツの喜びをあなたと。”


Launched the “”Z series””, the first-ever functional apparel in the history of ZAMST.

history 2012 image

We launched the first-ever functional apparel supporting not only the single joint but also running posture. “Z20” for training purpose and “Z0” for recovery purpose were sold throughout Japan.


Launched “FILMISTA ANKLE” designed mainly for soccer.

history 2015 image

We developed the ankle support “”FILMISTA ANKLE”” designed mainly for soccer. Its basic concept is “the product that can achieve stability of the ankle without interrupting sensitive ball control of the soccer players”. It has been highly recognized by our customers since its launch and achieved ISPO Award.


Launched “”Footcraft””, functional insoles based on medical science theory.

history 2017 image

With aiming to approach the foot that supports holistic movement as a base of the body, we developed and launched “Footcraft”, functional insoles designed based on orthopedics and sports medicine, our roots.