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Young has had a successful basketball career including playing for Oklahoma University and was the first and only player to ever lead the NCAA in both points and assists in a single season. Nicknamed “Ice Trae”, he has become a fan favorite with his innovative and electrifying playstyle on the court. He also was a unanimous selection to the 2019 All-Rookie First Team and he is a two-time All-Star.


Why Trae Young Wears These Ankle Braces Every Game Day

“Zamst's braces are highly functional and comfortable, allowing me to focus on my game when I am on the court.”

Favorite Products

Ankle Brace

Ankle A2 DX



Powerful Brace

reducing inversion and eversion movements.

Original Guard

Guard prevents excessive inward and outward movements of the high ankle.

Ankle A2 DX explain

Cross Strap Stabilizer

provides three-way support (Anterior, Lateral & Medial) for the lower ankle.

Trae's advise to young basketball players

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